Q01. How size of RS TAICHI apparel?
Our Gloves, jacket, pants are approx one size smaller than other US/European brands. We have US/European size for racing leather suits. Refer to " RS TAICHI SIZE TABLE"
Q02. The size of my lower half of the body fits Medium size though the upper-body is Large size.
Although there is no size of any brand for good-fitting to my size....
RS TAICHI has many size variation for racing suits, Refer to " RS TAICHI SIZE TABLE " If your upper and lower size is different, it better to choice "combination size order".?This order style is to choose the size of upper/lower separately.This is up charged lower than custom size order.*Apply only to Japanese size.
Q03. Do I need custom size order? Because I'm muscularity body figure, Medium size is too tight also Large size is too long.
RS TAICHI has many size variation (25 size for men's & 9 size for ladies) for racing suits, Refer to " RS TAICHI SIZE TABLE "
You'll be sure to find from off the rack suits.
Q04. Does the leather expand though it is tight when it is new?
The leather gets soft and accustomed gradually due to use. But it does not expand since the thread doesn't expand. Oppositely leather will be shrink if gets wet.
Q05. Where should I check when I wear leather suits for fitting?
The best thing to realize is that it is fitted based on the riding position, then check these parts 1, length of a sleeve (check the ankle position) 2, knee position 3, whether the leather of the upper-body does not slacken? 4. Isn't the back pulled and choking your neck?. We recommend to ride on bike when confirm fitting.
Q06. The position of the protector of the elbow also the knee is a slightly no good ・・・.
Our protector can be re-positioned easily with Velcro.
Q07. How  should I care my leather suits when it gets wet.
Please do not dry under direct sunshine, and never dry with the dryer. If you do so, the leather will be shrink and gets hard. It won't return to the original quality once it gets hard. Please take moisture with a dry towel as much as possible at shade.
Further we recommend to spread mink oil when it is not completely dried condition, and wearing once is better. It is because shrinking can be prevented by wearing.
Q08. Is it safe though there is only one needlework string is seen?
We use many way of stitching according where to sew when making leather suits. Refer to sort of stitching
Even only a single line of stitch is seen, there are another stitch under the surface.
This helps the string not to be worn by the friction against the road. It is a method of raising needlework strength without putting out the seam, and the best needlework method for the leather suit. How to sew is used properly by the leather suit part of RS TAICHI, and safety is pursued.
Q09. Can I have my leather suits cleaned?
We do cleanings but this means to refresh the leather. It is processing to give leather nourishment, and to make it last long. It is not to wash off the grime. Lead time about 3 weeks.
Q10. There are few parts using cloth instead of leather, are they safe enough to protect our body?
RS TAICHI leather suits uses Scholler  
Keprotec Fabrics for the cloth part. We carefully choose where to use this fabric from the data of where it is not damageable when crashing. The use of Scholler Keprotec enables the ease of movement.
Q11. What is the hump on back for?
We call it a neck support. It is for better protection for your neck when crashing and for better air flow. This is often seen at the race tracks these days, and we have many leather suits with this neck support on full ventilated leather suits in the line up. Of course it is possible to add neck support for off the rack suits which is without hump when ordering customized leather suits as an option.
Q12. What shall I wear under leather suits?
We recommend to use NXU915 Taichi inner suit. It helps to easy wear and take off even when sweat. There are NXU916 Wind stop Inner suit to block wind. This keeps you warm from the cold wind even with the full ventilated leather suits.
Q13. Is it possible to change only the color of the already ready leather suits with the same design?
Yes, it is possible with the GP-EVO and MAX series. You can choose from34 colors Refer to RS TAICHI COLOR CHART and change the colors to your own at the WEB COLOR ORDER SYSTEM. There is an additional charge for color order.
Q14. I've done a lot of trainings and my arm got thicker. Is it possible to modify the size?
Yes, it is possible. The price will change according where to modify.Please contact taichi@rs-taichi.com for estimation.
Q15. I have crushed and damaged my leather suits. Is it possible to repair such as changing the fastener?
Yes, it is possible to change the fastener. We can repair holes and loose strings too. Please contact taichi@rs-taichi.com for estimation.
Q16. Is it possible to add a leather name in my leather suits that I am using now?
Of course it is possible. We can add leather names and sponsor emblems too.  Refer to WEB COLOR ORDER SYSTEM
Q17. Is it possible to repair leather gloves or other stuffs?
Yes, we can mostly repair gloves as the leather suits.
Q18. Where can I buy your products.
We have many distributors and dealers around the world. Please contact the nearest dealer. Refer to "OUR PARTNERS"
If you can't find the dealer in your country, the mail order can be accepted. Please refer for the detail from here.
Q19. How can I get your distributors contact information?
Please go to "OUR PARTNERS" to find the contact information to our distributors.