Dear Customer

    【Important Notices】
    Beware of counterfeit products and spoofed website.


Thank you for using RS TAICHI products.


Recently, the number of inquiries about counterfeit products are increasing. We acknowledge there are many counterfeit products sold on internet. There are many troubles reported because of the inferior quality of material and stitching compared to genuine product. Also in terms of safety, which is most important for motorcycle riding gear, there are major problems that counterfeit products are not protective enough.

・Counterfeit product of RSB274 SPORTS
・Not in genuine product’s color lineup
・Low quality print
・The counterfeit products of NXT052
・Inferiority quality of leather and
・Counterfeit product of RST427 ARMED
・Synthetic leather used instead of
   genuine leather in certain area.
・Low quality stitching.

Counterfeit products has some features that are different from genuine products. For example, crooked Taichi logo, difference of packaging and way of attaching hang tags and etc. There are also counterfeit products that are very similar to genuine products. Please beware of products sold in very low price, products sold through internet auctions or through website without company address details. Products that will be delivered may be different from the photo used in their website and possibly be counterfeit product. Please feel free to contact us if you find anything suspicious.


There are also spoofed websites that looks like an official website or other internet stores. They sell counterfeit products or deceived the money from consumers. We strongly recommend customers to purchase products from our official distributors or dealers to avoid any troubles.

RS TAICHI will not repair or guarantee any counterfeit products. RS TAICHI will take necessary legal actions to producing or selling counterfeit products. Beware of purchasing products through internet auction or internet shops selling Taichi products in low price.