SHOW 2019

date : 3/22.23.24

The 46th
Tokyo Motorcycle Show
2019 report

In March, 2019, RS Taichi exhibited at the 46th Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

On display were this spring’s collaboration items that we’ve developed in cooperation with two different companies. The exhibition items featured Resident Evil, a world famous game and movie IP, and NEWERA®, internationally renowned maker of headwear and apparel, attracting the attention of many attendees.

Attendees were also impressed by the versatility of the 2019SS RSJ324 Drymaster Field Parka, our newly developed riding jacket that defies conventional wisdom. Its design allows for the removal of the protector for town use.

In our protection section, visitors got to see our newly developed CE LV.2 HELINX Chest Protector as well as a sample display of a mesh jacket equipped with Alpinestars’s Tech-Air airbag unit. We are working on a pattern that allows for the comfort of a regular jacket while providing for the expansion involved in deploying the airbag unit.

We are continually researching and developing to allow riders to enjoy their motorcycle lifestyles.

Look forward to new and exciting products from Taichi.