Pursuit of the safety and the comfort.

The safety comes first.
The most important factor for motorcycle riding gear is the safety.
To reduce the damage for body when an accident was happened, RS TAICHI’s products use Europe CE standard protector first in JAPAN.
For chest, the second biggest cause of death on motorcycle accident, we appeal strongly its necessity.
We see with the Riders' eyes.
Since 1975, our ambition for exploitation of motorcycle riding gears has not changed.
We’ll never forget “You will be there over our products” and we continue to produce our products with highly safety and comfortable on the sight with the Riders’ eyes.
We produce what is really wanted.
The founder, the former professional racer, TAICHI YOSHIMURA’s eyes made our producing idea. The thought “We produce what riders want.” is the power to make high quality products with originality.
For the future of riding motorcycle, to sharing the dream with riders .

RS TAICHI is not a manufacture and not a store that only sells products. Our job is to share the Dreams with customers and to create the Sports Culture through motorcycling.