Taichi Yoshimura was born in 1946 in Osaka, Japan. He was a contracted factory Suzuki Riders in 1966 thru 1972. Taichi was the All Japan National Champion in the 125cc class in 1967. Taichi was a well respected racer in Japan.

In 1971 Taichi competed in World Grand Prix events as a representative of Japan. In 1972 Taichi switched to Honda and brought them 1st motocross victory.
Taichi Yoshimura retired from motocross in 1974. He then set out to pursue his dream of the ultimate motorcycle store. Taichi's vision was to collect all of his knowledge and experience and transform this into RS TAICHI products. Riders with the same sense of values would come to appreciate the brand RS TAICHI.
Taichi Yoshimura continues to enjoy motorcycle and racing. His experience as a racer is apparent in all RS TAICHI products. No compromises are made to insure only the very best products made to our customers.